We're a boutique natural organic skincare and lifestyle online store.

Luxurious, functional, botanical skin & hair care.

Our vision is to be able to connect your beauty regime with the beauty & power of nature. Our natural surroundings here in Australia are some of the most breath taking in the world, so why wouldn’t you want to harness that amazing power and transfer it into your skin and haircare routine?

Established in Melbourne, Australia in 2013, Advanced Cosmetica was formed to do just that.

Where most beauty products are based on pure water – which has very little beneficial properties on its own – our entire range has been developed using the true queen of botanicals: Aloe Vera. This rejuvenating jewel in mother nature’s crown is great for all skin and hair types, and has proven hydrating, cleansing & calming properties too. And that’s just the base of our products! We also add the finest Australian native plant extracts to create the perfect natural product range.

Stay radiant, vibrant and love your skin

We use only the highest quality native plants and other active ingredients derived from Australia’s richest minerals & vitamins, to bring deep care and nourishment to your face, body and hair. These include Kakadu Plum, Macadamia Oil, Lemon Myrtle and many other clean botanical extracts and their essential oils, all of which we have formulated into luxurious, functional skin care products clinically proved to keep you looking radiant, youthful and nourished!

Leading the future in skin and hair care, naturally.

One of our most important values at Advanced Cosmetica is protecting and preserving our sacred environment – just as much as we want to protect and preserve our own natural beauty. Therefore we do not use any parabens or sulphates, and we definitely do not test anything on animals.

From our skin brightening range through to our salon-grade hair care, we are so proud of our product range and know that everyone, worldwide, can benefit from using our beauty products.

The Advanced Cosmetica range:

  • Are all Aloe Vera based
  • Use high powered native Australian botanical ingredients
  • Contain all the functioning active ingredients from the plant’s essential oils only, not synthetics
  • Contain only organic essential oils derived from plant extracts, which give the range its beautiful, natural scent
  • Contain NO parabens or sulphates
  • Use only plants which are safe & beneficial
  • Are NOT tested on animals

Our most recent project which we are proud to announce is our achievement to have formulated a Natural Radiance Series of Skin Care for USA celebrity Bethenny Frankel. We are the Licensee and Manufacturer of all the Skin, Body & Hair Care range under her brand name Skinnygirl.

For more information about us or any of our products or ingredients, follow us on social media or use our contact form to get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Our Philosophy

The products that we offer are designed to support your inner and outer wellbeing. 

Our Mission

We strive to instil confidence and enhance holistic health in every individual that crosses our path.

Australian Made & Owned

We only provide products that are proudly Australian made and owned.

Our Range

Advanced Cosmetica is a boutique organic skincare and lifestyle online store that focuses on natural and organic lifestyle.

Our Ingredients

We are dedicated to providing you with inner and outer wellbeing through organic and natural beauty.

Let’s meet the Founders

Emidio Navarroli

The passion started when I was young and visiting the Australian outback during the hot summers. I snapped an Aloe Vera leaf and rubbed it on both my arms and immediately felt a soothing and cooling relief on my skin. My curiosity to learn about this plant was the beginning of my study of nature. As the years passed during my biological studies I learnt more about the valuable properties and healing functions of many plants.

From these humble beginnings I had a vision to transfer this knowledge and transform it into natural safe skin and hair care products.

I gained a wealth of knowledge in my travels and industry experience throughout many parts of Asia, Korea, Japan, Italy and USA. I also understood how climate affects and impacts our skin and hair differently. In July 2013, both my business partners and I were ready to offer something unique, with much anticipation and excitement Advanced Cosmetica was established.

At the time I had an existing Human Resource Management Degree in 1988 from Victoria College that I used to my advantage. This enabled me to liaise with other companies at a corporate level. We collaborated different formulations methods and techniques, so Advanced Cosmetica could remain a step ahead.

I have a professional hands-on approach and with the newly founded cellular extraction techniques of ingredients that are available today, I was eager to create powerful functional formulas to treat the dermal and haircare industry to make a difference and naturally benefit consumers.

We are so fortunate that the Australian natural environment provides useful exceptional native extracts. These discoveries amongst others have enabled us to offer an innovative pioneer approach to utilising scientifically proven ingredients for the advancement of efficacy-based formulas.

Almost all products on the market are water based, so I went back to my roots where my curiosity as a young man began with Aloe Vera and decided, I would use this as the base for all our products, to offer consumers so much more value and utilise Australia’s beautiful functional native extracts to create a major point of difference for the safety of all skin colours and hair type products. In fast evolving times consumers demand better quality and safer products. They also expect you to consider and preserve the environment. Advanced Cosmetica has ticked all these boxes. so rest assured we have you in safe hands.

Michelle Navarroli

I come from a Sales business background extending over 22 years.

I have owned my own international Designer boutique stores for over 13 years. I have been an international buyer of many prestige European brands of fashion clothing, giftware, perfumes and cosmetics including brands such as Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Missoni to name a few.

As popular as all the big French and Italian brands presence existed in the market, my research analysis and my close clientele communication enabled me to establish friendships and numerous international business relationships. Many trusted discussions on skin care always showed that there still was also a niche and a trending growing market towards good quality natural Australian products which needed to be fulfilled.

I found that consumers are now more informed, they have much more access to research material to gain knowledge faster at a touch of a few buttons with the technology of the Internet. With my partners, I saw that we could take the opportunity of meeting the consumer demands with our personal experience and industry knowledge to reach out to them. I believed it would not take very long for consumers to educate themselves on our natural safe products with Australian Native extracts and beautiful essential oils on offer and appreciate their affordability and most important their effectiveness.

I am proud that we have manufactured premium skin care and salon grade hair care products. The testimonial feedback on solving sensitive skin issues has been overwhelming. The fact that our hair care products are vegan and also naturally treat scalp issues has been recognised internationally. This is very exciting as we strived for a real point of difference. I hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

Christie Potsepis

Growing up with a beautiful mother who always treated my health ailments with natural remedies and organic food, I very early in my youth appreciated the healing powers of nature. I went on in my early twenties to establish my own wellness and fitness centres in Hawthorn and Malvern in Melbourne. I am a certified fitness and wellness instructor, strength and conditioning sports coach, health and nutrition advisor, counselor and Lawyer. In addition to my Law Degree I hold a Degree in Applied Science Majoring in Psychological Sciences.

I am a passionate believer that every aspect of your life influences your state of wellbeing. In an unfortunate circumstance, I was faced with serious illness that promptly altered my life trajectory. From dedicating all my time to helping others I was forced to change focus and fight for my own survival. During a very difficult time in my life whereby all my bodily functions where adversely affected I had to place all my energy into my own wellness. Along the journey of recovery, I nourished my mind, body and spirit with what I knew best and that was healing myself utilising the earths gifts of nature. During this time, I started to question all the products that I used to use daily. I started to seek out safer alternatives to cleaning products, personal care products and cosmetics. I did countless hours of research and studied the most updated scientific papers. I developed a profound understanding of natural ingredients and how they are combined to create formulas that are in line with today’s values of sustainability, diversity, inclusivity, and most important pure clean green healing conscious formulas.

Our skin is a living, breathing organ, we absorb over 60% of what goes onto our skin, so I felt it was of paramount importance to create products that I could use every day without any ill effects…and so Advanced Cosmetica was formed. Not only was I intensely motivated to meet my own personal wellness objectives I also felt a strong obligation to support people who suffered from illness. I desired Advanced Cosmetica to create products focused on wellness, transparency and luxury as I was passionate about clean natural healing products.

As a naturalist and environmentalist at heart I will continue to strive to create change and help inspire and motivate others to live a happy healthy organic life. “Be kind to yourself, be thankful for what you have and keep striving for what you want and at no point ever give up”.

Innovating through nature

Our vision is to be able to connect your beauty regime with the beauty & power of nature. Our natural surroundings here in Australia are some of the most breathtaking in the world, so why wouldn’t you want to harness that amazing power and transfer it into your skin and haircare routine? PayPal, PayPal Pay in 4 and AfterPay available.


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