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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Advanced Cosmetica use natural ingredients in their products?

Advanced Cosmetica only uses natural botanical plant extracts and the essential oils within those plants.

How does White Beauty Series brighten the skin?

White Beauty Series naturally brightens and lightens your skin naturally by utilising the essential oils from the bearberry plant. These actives (AHAs) help reduce melanin skin clusters and spots from forming as it enhances even skin tone.The vitamin C in the Kakadu plant, which has the highest concentration of any vitamin C compared to any other plant in the world, helps to stimulate collagen and new cells growth, acts as an anti-oxidant and cleanses the skin giving a brighter, radiant and youthful appearance.

Is your skin care suitable for sensitive skin?

Advanced Cosmetica skin care products are suitable for sensitive skin.The cleanser is extremely gentle and works well when using natural facial wipes to remove dirt or makeup, which is milk-based and non-foaming.

All Advanced Cosmetica’s skin care products contain essential oils derived from plants and have soothing, healing and calming properties for the skin. (See our ingredients benefits glossary page)

We do not use alternative inexpensive fruit plant extracts that are acidic and cause, for example, skin irritations due to preservatives.

Where are your products made?

Advanced Cosmetica’s products are all made in Australia and Advanced Cosmetica is an Australian owned company.

What is your major point of difference in your skin & hair care range?

Advanced Cosmetica’s major point of difference is that their skin and hair care products are aloe-vera based unlike most brands which are water-based. We use aloe-vera and offer you value for money, and its therapeutic benefits, at competitive price. We also use native plants exclusive to Australia in our ranges whenever possible, keeping it more unique.

Why are natural products are the way-to-go?

Natural products are the way of the future because scientific research has shown and proven that synthetic ingredients are toxic to the body. Over time, people’s health has suffered as a consequence with direct correlation to many of the synthetic ingredients. We always aim at providing our customers the best by avoiding any nasties, as their safety is paramount in line with our company’s vision.

Where does your company source most of its ingredients from?

We source most of our ingredients within Australia. Being an Australian brand, we prefer to source from our own cleaning environment, where we know the growing and harvesting techniques used are of the highest policy control with strict procedures ensuring we can deliver premium products to our market, satisfying our clientele and giving them peace of mind.

Does your moisturiser contain SPF?

Indeed, Advanced Cosmetica’s illuminating moisturiser does contain SPF 15+ (Sun Protection Factor 15+)

How can you tell the difference between a good serum and an ordinary one?

A good serum should be fast acting/absorbing.You do not need to keep rubbing it into your skin, only one or two rubs should suffice as the active Vitamin C from the botanical extracts will quickly draw it in deeper to the epidermal layers, penetrating the skin surface.

If the product sits on the surface and its texture feels more like a moisturiser, then either the Vitamin C is not active enough, is of an inexpensive quality, or it does not contain the concentration required to penetrate and realise the benefits.

Even the expensive brands use wordplay to claim they have Vitamin C or its extract, but it does very little in performance without the right quantity or quality.

How can you tell good quality products from others that are inferior or made inexpensively?

Advanced Cosmetica only uses Nano molecules in their Illuminating Serum, so it is fast absorbing. Anything else is not really designed to perform like a serum, but it is called a serum, which is, again, wordplay.

Follow these guidelines:

– All the natural ingredients should be first on the ingredients list.

– The preservatives should be last.

– The more active ingredients at the start, the higher the concentration, and the more benefits of the product will potentially provide

For example, Advanced Cosmetica’s skin and haircare series has aloe-vera as their first ingredient. 99% of all the skin and hair care products out there have water as their first ingredient.

What does this tell you? Are you getting value for money?

Innovating through nature

Our vision is to be able to connect your beauty regime with the beauty & power of nature. Our natural surroundings here in Australia are some of the most breathtaking in the world, so why wouldn’t you want to harness that amazing power and transfer it into your skin and haircare routine? PayPal, PayPal Pay in 4 and AfterPay available.


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